Los Días y Los Meses

Sometimes we forget how overwhelming learning a new language can be. When I started learning German I felt so overwhelmed by all the strange sounds and long words. How was I going to do this? So I started watching German children’s TV with my son and we both started learning German. So I decided to […]

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Basic Conversation Part 1

Duration: 1 Class 15-20 minutes. Can do Statement: I can greet and leave people in a polite way. I can say hello and goodbye to someone my age or younger. I can say hello and goodbye to my teacher, professor, or supervisor. I can say hello and goodbye to an adult. I can say hello and […]

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Introducing Yourself and Friends

Duration: 1 Class about 15-30 minutes. Can do Statement: I can introduce myself and introduce my friends I can say, “My name is…” I can say, “Her/His name is…” I can say, “How are you?” I can say, “What’s new?” Using Tú and Usted Video Link:  BBC Spanish Video  Student Worksheets Vocabulary Sheet: PDF: Vocabulary Sheet […]

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