Rosie Perez : A Latina On a Mission

If you didn’t know, Rosie Perez is a Latina on a Mission.  She is smart, funny, hardworking, and full of amazing stories.

Check out her interview on Al Jazeera.   Rosie addresses the issue of abuse, surviving a schizophrenic mother, and talks about politics.  What is wonderful about this interview is that it’s honest and pertinent to the current climate we live in the United States.

This video is recommended for 7th grade students and above, but please preview it before you show it. 

Why Show this Video?
Why not? Learning a language is not just about verbs and stereotypes.  We must help students learning Spanish understand that learning a language is also about exploring the culture and people of the language they are learning.

Also there are just so many piñata projects you can do and 5 de mayo activities will only take you so far.  As a Spanish language teacher you have the power to educate and help students understand the language, culture and people of Spanish speaking countries.

What to Do:
1. Have your students watch the video
2. Have your students complete the student note sheet :  Rosie Perez PDF
3. Have a class discussion about what they learned
4. Create a Latina/Latino Hall of Fame wall in your classroom and start with Rosie or add to it.


Other Teacher Resources:
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