Los Días y Los Meses

Sometimes we forget how overwhelming learning a new language can be.

When I started learning German I felt so overwhelmed by all the strange sounds and long words. How was I going to do this? So I started watching German children’s TV with my son and we both started learning German.
So I decided to find children’s videos to help middle school and high school students who are starting to learn Spanish.

I looked through a lot of them and picked a few that older kids can still enjoy.

The Spanish Calendar Song I selected is by Basho & Friends.   They are fun and current.  I love that! This video is a great because it helps students who are at the beginning stages of learning Spanish.

Check it out!



Duration: 15-20 minutes

Can Do Statement: I can recite words and phrases that I have learned.

  • I can say the day of the week.
  • I can list the months.

Students Sheets: Los Dias y Meses

What You Do:
1. Pass out the sheet.
2. Complete the activities on the worksheet.
3. Play and stop the video if necessary.


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