Basic Conversation Part 2 How are you?

Basic Conversation 2

Duration: 1 Class 15- 20 minutes.

Can do Statement: I can greet and leave people in a polite way.

  • I can say hello and goodbye to someone my age or younger.
  • I can say hello and goodbye to my teacher, professor, or supervisor.
  • I can say hello and goodbye to an adult.
  • I can say hello and goodbye to a person I do not know.
  • I can express how I feel.

Video Link: How are you?  Señor Jordan Part 2 

Student Worksheet

Vocabulary Sheet & Video Note Sheet
PDF: SP1 Part 2 Basic Conversations

Using the Video Lesson

Before you watch:

Preview the vocabulary. 

What to do:

  •  Project part 1 of the vocabulary sheet
  • Teacher says the word in Spanish, students repeat the word

During Video:

FYI: The video has a native Spanish speaker. He speaks slowly in Spanish and explains information in English.  

What to do:

  • Hand out the Video Note Sheet.
  • Have students watch the video and complete the Video Note Sheet activities.
  • Show the video at least three times, if needed.

After the Video:

Word Matching:  Build familiarity with the vocabulary words. Have students match the images with the correct adjective from the learned vocabulary.

What to do:

  • Allow students to work together in partners of 2.
  • Allow students time to interact with the new words.

For teaching tips check out the Teaching Tips section.

More Practice
For more practice with these vocabulary words go here

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